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Refund Policy
If you return the goods in the original condition within 7 days upon receiving the goods, we can offer you a refund less the shipping cost and 5% for administrative and credit card charges.
If you make a wrong payment, please contact us immediately before we ship, so as not to incur shipping cost.

We chose the cheapest form of delivery which is via registered standard postal services, by air.
This may take 6 to 12 days to reach you. Nevertheless, if you want a faster more expensive service and willing to pay for it, please contact us. We will try to arrange it for you.
CountryAdd delivery cost for 3 wheelsAdd delivery cost for 6 wheelsAdd delivery cost for n number of wheels
Malaysia and Brunei+ USD$4.50+ USD$6.00+ USD$0.50 x n + $3
Countries in Asia (except Japan) + USD$6.00+ USD$9.00+ USD$1.00 x n + $3
Countries in the rest of the world, including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Africa, America, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. + USD$9.00+ USD$15.00+ USD$2.00 x n + $3

For purchases outside Singapore.

Cost per wheel: USD$12
Delivery charges: + USD$
(Please don't forget to input delivery charges. Refer to table above.)
Shipping cost has to be included before you "Add to Cart".
The quantity can be adjusted after you click

For purchases within Singapore.

Cost per wheel: SGD$15
The shipping and handling cost within Singapore is a flat fee of $5.
The quantity can be adjusted after you click

For miscellaneous payment in USD Currency.
Amount to pay in USD$

For miscellaneous payment in Singapore Currency.
Amount to pay in SGD$

For other mode of payment like Bank Telegraphic Transfers or via Western Union, please click here.